If we work together, this terrible moment could be our finest hour.   

Tom Bossert, former director of Homeland Security 

Tea Fights Back 

Transforming the Sacramento Tea Festival 


During discussions with some of the tea festival organizers about how this pandemic is affecting the decisions we must make now for an unpredictable future, the phrase – Tea Fights Back – came to mind. But we can recall the financial crash of 2008 and the devastating effect that had on the U.S. tea industry. Certainly, the consequences of these times will be even more challenging. 


One thing that has changed since 2008 is the growth of consumer-facing festivals. These are providing consumer education and entertainment that goes well beyond normal advertising tools. Vendors and speakers who participate in them know how beneficial these are to the entire tea industry. The SacTeaFest committee believes that we can transform our scheduled event into something that will fill this gap. And with your support, we would like to try. 


The Sacramento Tea Festival scheduled for June 27th is one of the earliest and the Chicago International Tea Festival is the last, October 31st – November 2nd.  Can we create a model where we evolve these events to safely accomplish the same goals?


The SacTeaFest committee is working now to create a larger virtual plan that could launch by April 1st, creating online content and communication that would then continue to generate benefits for all participants well beyond this year. But we will continue to work with the venue and respect the safety guidelines to see if we can still hold a smaller live event. 

Target Goals: 

  • Reach 10,000 targeted tea-loving audience offering content they want
  • Introduce them to participating tea businesses who supply content + benefits
  • Focus messaging on meaningful tea education, including tea & health
  • Increase tea in their lifestyle in a meaningful way
  • Support participating tea businesses and speakers to help survive these times by increasing their online presence and online sales 
  • Support other festivals!


How will this work?  

  • Tea businesses register as either vendors or sponsors 
  • Participating businesses send content to the SacTeaFest committee 
  • SacTeaFest promotes the “virtual” event daily featuring all participants 
  • Virtual content will be created with a “evergreen” components in addition to the immediate social media tools
  • We will build a contact list that we can use to quickly launch a “live” event in Sacramento when that can be done safely


 What tools can we offer immediately?  

  • The SacTeaFest Website and email collection tools 
  • The T Ching Website – daily post publishing featuring participants and advertising 
  • Tea Sippers Society Website – Complete Directory Listing 
  • Event Press Releases to Tea Media and other Major Media 


What can we offer consumers? 

Education: We will work with our vendors and speakers  to generate interesting content using text, images, audio & video. 


Entertainment: Our contributors will be encouraged to provide diverse and interesting content and we will make some suggestions that should work for everyone. We will also reach out to subscribers and followers encouraging them to ask questions to which our tea pros can respond.


Samples, Samples, Samples: Festival swag bags are one of the highlights of every show. Guests LOVE them. And it’s a fantastic and affordable way to put products into the hands of future customers along with offers to engage them. SacTeaFest is creating Swag Gift Boxes that will include our festival collectible tasting cup along with in-kind product donations from sponsors, coupons, brochures, a virtual program and MORE! Guests can order these online if we are not able to have a live event or will receive them with their ticket at the door. 


Discounts: Participant discounts and special offers will be featured on all our platforms and printed in the program. 


How will we pay for this? What does it cost to participate? 

Note: There are non-refundable costs to the committee that we are trying to cover and still offer the greatest possible value to participants, guests and vendors. 


Vendors: Our most expensive single booth space is currently listed at $300. The least is $100. If you reserve your booth space with us now, you will receive the full benefits of the virtual festival and have a space reserved for the June 27th live program. We will then make the decision about the live show by June 1st. If it is not possible to go-live, then we will give 50% refunds. So your greatest out-of-pocket cost for the virtual-festival-only would be $150/booth plus the cost of any samples you provide. 


Sponsors: We are accepting sample donations from In-Kind Sponsors without charging to include them in the Swag Gift Boxes. Sale of these boxes will help support the costs of the show. 


Donations: SacTeaFest will create a donation option for anyone who wants to help this festival and ALL festivals survive. STF will use donations to help promote the remaining shows scheduled for the rest of the year.  





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